How You Can Help

Everyone can help in some way in supporting the treatment of childhood cancer and awareness raising of the reality of childhood cancer.

Remember, every day 10 more children or teenagers are told that they have cancer so this a real issue happening now. You can:

  • Donate money to our campaign
  • Attend and support one of our up-coming events
  • Arrange a fundraising event of your own to raise money. You could run a cake stall, concert, talent show, sponsored walk or fun day. We can provide you with sponsor forms, childhood cancer information or Harris’s story.
  • Donate blood or platelets.  Children who are being treated for cancer require regular blood and platelets transfusions so donating your time to give blood or platelets is so incredibly valuable and is a life-saving gift. Put it in your diary to do now!
  • Join the bone marrow register.  We’ve included the link for the Anthony Nolan website and they are keen to get many more donors on their list.  People have a fear of donating but on the ward we met so many children who were having their bone marrow extracted for themselves (for later in treatment) or for a sibling.  Harris had his extracted whilst watching his favourite Barney DVD, laughing, dancing, entertaining the nurse and then having a nap! Again, you really could save a life by doing this.


Sadly, Britain still lags behind in diagnosis time comparisons, with the UK taking 3 times longer than Poland, North America, Switzerland and Israel in diagnosing brain tumours in children.  Therefore, at any event we run we aim to share childhood cancer and/or brain tumour information as well raising important and much needed funds. You can help raise awareness by:

  • Sharing the ‘Be Child Cancer Aware’ or ‘Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust’ symptom cards
  • Displaying symptoms on any t-shirts that you use for your event
  • Inviting press to cover any events that you run
  • Sharing your child’s story if they have experienced cancer by writing their story for our website or telling it to a newspaper or magazine
  • Share our website or Facebook link with your friends